The Newest Innovations in Adherence Technology


Adherence packaging is vital to medication compliance and patient well-being.

It has been proven in clinical studies that a simple-to-use adherence package can reduce adverse events with patients, reduce readmissions, and save the healthcare system significantly. To meet the needs of at-home patients, TCGRx has developed the AdherePac™ medication pouch.

The AdherePac pouch provides a wealth of benefits, not only to the patient, but to the caregivers and pharmacies that serve them. Using simple and automated tools, a pharmacy can quickly and effectively increase the number of prescriptions per patient that are being filled and even incorporate OTCs. The patient benefits from receiving medications in pouches that are organized by pass times, thereby taking the guess work out of traditional medication management in vials. 

TCGRx is a proud technology partner with NCPA’s Simplify My Meds program to provide the technology you need to help your patients stay adherent. Our new ATP 2 produces the AdherePac pouch packaging that can be customized with valuable adherence tools including images, color reminders, and instructions. TCGRx also offers a full suite of products to fulfill an adherence program and to market that program.

Designed with pharmacies and patients in mind.

Discover the Next Generation

The ATP® 2 is the latest innovation from TCGRx. The ATP 2 leaps ahead of all the others in reliability, longevity, and features to drive efficiency and growth for our pharmacy partners.  

The ATP 2 is available in many different sizes and configurations in order to fit any size and any volume pharmacy. The formulary capacity of the ATP 2 is limitless when combined with AutoSense™ smart canister technology. Create pouches to suit your patients’ needs – add color and vertical printing, pictures, barcodes, logos, icons, with variable fonts and sizes to give you maximum flexibility.  With ATP 2’s unique dual tray system, you can continuously run your ATP 2 without interruptions. Variable pouch sizes ranging from extra small, to small, medium and large, save time and money by allowing a pharmacy to use appropriate-sized pouches for a facility.

The ATP 2 is more reliable than ever with features such as self-correcting motor bases that help to reduce downtime and user intervention with canisters. With an additional lower packaging unit (LPU) and spare motor bases, most hardware issues can be resolved in a matter of minutes. You can manage drug changes more efficiently by having a documented process for re-calibrating canisters in your pharmacy, using our Self-Calibrating Canisters. Our program provides training and tools to ensure that every pill is dispensing correctly from your ATP 2, while reducing downtime and operating costs.

The ATP® 2 seamlessly integrates with all of our TCGRx systems and is integral in the loop of pouch packaging technology. 

A compact solution for pouch packaging.

Versatile pouch packaging

Designed specifically to have a small footprint, ATP-71 allows for 100% automation for all oral solids in 71 fully automated medication canisters. The unit is available to package either unit dose or multi-med pouches. Our multi-med unit features one of the largest package sizes on the market. The external tray system allows you to expand your formulary in the same small footprint. The software is user intuitive and easy to integrate into your workflow process. Canister replenishment is verified by barcode, ensuring accuracy.

Efficient and scalable

ATP-71 has 71 fully automated canisters. Its prefill tray allows the unit to package all of the oral solids with minimal manual intervention. For pharmacies serving a smaller patient population, ATP-71 has provided a cost-effective way to begin offering the service of adherence packaging. As business grows and more patients are serviced, ATP-71 can be migrated to handle daily orders while the larger ATP® Series device will handle the cycle fills. Regardless of your current needs, we have a solution to help you drive your business now and into the future.

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High Quality with Less Investment

ATP® Mini enables pharmacies of any size to launch and maintain an adherence program without sacrificing their space, features and accuracy. ATP Mini is fully scalable while mantaining all of the major benefits of AdherePacTM while providing advanced cost savings and customer satisfaction.

The small footprint of the ATP Mini provides  advnaced packaging technology for Adherence and Unit Dose packaging. Four pouch sizes allow for more flexibility in providing a solution to any patient population. The ATP Mini's state-of-the-art printing on pouches includes various font sizes & styles, logos & icons for visual recognition & pharmacy branding and extended barcodes including 2D and Linear.

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Maximize productivity and accuracy at prescription fulfillment.

Close the loop

Working in tandem with ATP® and ATP® 2 Series, SmartTrayRx facilitates accurate filling of non-formulary medications through a fully-interfaced application that directs the technician to fill the item using light direction. This paperless system also provides user tracking for every step of the process. Most importantly, this patented technology allows your pharmacy to confidently label and fill every pouch accurately without costly rework. 

Color-coded for safety

Color-coded lights help technicians identify partial, whole, and multiple pills in a cell. The user can simply touch an individual cell on the screen to show an image and description of the medication. Additionally, barcoded trays ensure that the correct pre-fill trays for the right batch are dispensed in the proper sequence through ATP Series.

Smart Tray

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Provide a tailored solution for every customer.

Your total packaging solution

CompletePac™ is a convenient, easy-to-handle solution for assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, offering the best of both worlds – multiple unit-dose packaging in one pass time specific pouch for easy distribution. Daily orders and leave of absences are made simple through our larger pouch option that integrates both oral solids and unit-of-use items for easy check in and easy patient handling. Discharge programs can benefit from CompletePac using our “starter” pouches that hold 1-3 days of medications to see a patient through to their next doctor visit.

Customized to fit your patients' needs

With the ability to customize fonts, logos, and text right on the bag, you can guarantee your patients receive all the information they need to take their meds properly, helping to ensure compliance. For assisted living facilities or hospital/outpatient discharges, CompletePac offesr 2D and linear barcoding for ease of scanning from prescription to delivery at the bedside, guaranteeing the right patient receives the right medications. A variety of package sizes, in both horizontal and vertical orientations, both one-time use and resealable, gives you endless options to help you meet the needs of your staff and your patients.


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Expand your automated formulary in packaging automation.

Unique and Proprietary Coding

AutoSense™ utilizes unique technology and proprietary coding that is applied to formulary canisters in the ATP® and ATP® 2 Series pouch packaging device. It automatically detects the canister replacement, and updates the database regardless of its placement within a designated drawer, allowing the expansion of automated formulary without the need to purchase expensive capital equipment.

Application and Flexibility

AutoSense can be applied to any existing ATP Series and is available in increments of 16 canister bases. The product allows an entire ATP Series to be enabled with AutoSense, so that every location in the device can be flexible to handle any oral solid formulary item, including half-tablets. AutoSense allows a customer to better handle generic and brand medication changes, decrease erroneous errors in dispensing, and provide a way for an entry-level customer to limit capital equipment expenditures without compromising accuracy and convenience.

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Customize your AdherePac™ pouches to fit your customers’ needs.

Printing on a whole new level

With the addition of the new Graphic Printing Kit, you can now customize your AdherePac™ pouches to include your pharmacy logo, images to simplify medication administration, or enhanced barcoding for patient safety. The printing allows for additional fonts, helping to increase efficiency of medication management and pharmacy production with the ability to have more medications per pouch. International letters and symbols, as well as the ability to print color bars* for at-a-glance administration recognition, will boost your advantage of packaging over traditional methods. The new Graphic Printing Kit is available for the ATP® 128-384 Series.

Added benefits of the Graphic Printing Kit

With a simple hardware add-on and software upgrade, you can improve the appearance and information for all of your packaging produced using ATP 2 and AdherePac. You will be able to easily reproduce labels or groups with a touch of a button, even drag and drop elements to and from existing labels. A great bonus is the new preview screen in the Label Manager, eliminating test printing. View on screen before you print, saving you valuable supplies. The new kit is available for both narrow and wide lower packaging units (LPU's) and has a small compact design for ease of installation in minimal space.

*Color bar printing cannot be electronically verified by InspectRx.

*Graphic Printing is for legacy ATP machines only.


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Servicing your needs of today and taking you into the future.

Hardware Replacement:

  • Replacement of Lower Packaging Unit (LPU), the main working section of the machine. Allows for longer life and includes upgrades to the latest technology.
  • New operating computers & monitors
  • New canister replenishment kit (pill scale & scanner), biometric login
  • New TCGRx operating software
  • Optional 384 add-on unit

New Operating Software Includes:

  • Color Printing: Allows you to utilize color ribbon to represent pass times. This is a perfect feature for Assisted Living and Home Based Patients
  • Barcode Capabilities/Enhanced Fonts: Providing greater flexibility in bar-code development and easier implementation of Bedside-Verification Technology. Allows you to use extra small fonts for increased printing capacity. Ensures maximum amount of medications per pouch.
  • 100% label accuracy: Real time filling and printer labeling. The ATP allows an expiration date change, lot number change or drug description change to occur during packaging and still print the proper information on every medication bag

Graphic Printing Affects Your Bottome Line:

It’s about more than just the great-looking print. TCGRx has proven production and label savings that drive real ROI.

Integrate the Entire TCGRx Ensemble of Products:

TCGRx provides the total solution. When you upgrade your EXP™ to ATP®, we offer solutions to reduce pharmacist and tech time from script scan to delivery.

TCGRx is proud to announce the ATP® v1.6 Feature Enriched Upgrade

Features of the new v1.6 include:

  • Batch modification – separate specific pass times, medications, LOA’s, or stock-out handling. Produce those exceptions into separate rolls for ease of administration
  • Batch RPh canister checking – allows for checking of multiple canister refills without disturbing workflow
  • NDC swapping - refill canisters with new NDCs, run audit reports to compare for billing updates
  • Box ceontent summary report – At-a-glance report produced with the cycle fill that can include information such as quantity, dosage, admin time. Ideal for patients to provide to medical staff, caregivers or emergency personnel for comprehensive overview of patient medications.
  • Cluster canisters – you are no longer tied to 8-canister groups. You can group infinite number of canisters on your fastest moving meds
  • Canister Dispensing Off/Tray-Only Dispensing – Allow for re-use of prepackaged medications for specific patients to include additional medications from the original pouch.

Upgrades require assistance from our Service Team, who will do a review of your current system to determine if any additional software or hardware is needed to meet the minimum requirements.

Call us at 262-279-5307. Please follow the prompt for "Inside Sales". Inside Sales will work with the internal staff to facilitate the process as efficiently as possible. You can also send us an email at to get started!