AVF™ Series automates the counting of up to 64 medications through canister technology and can be expanded with the AVF-6 in increments of 6 additional direct fill canisters for handling cross-contaminant concerns. With a small footprint and ability to handle about 38% of your pharmacy's prescriptions, AVF, automated vial filling from TCGRx, brings a great deal of value at a price that is affordable for any size pharmacy.  

AVF utilizes technology that allows it to count and stage up to 10 orders ahead of the technician at all times. Our pharmacies love the fact that they can use any vial size and shape with no limitations. The unit can be integrated as an end cap or countertop solution. We also offer a convenient cart that can be used to store vials and medications for automatic vial filling with the AVF. 

Series Literature

Automated vial filling featuring precise counting technology.

Vial filling made easy

AVF-1™ is an automated counting system that promotes hands-free pill counting using highly-calibrated medication canisters. The device accommodates large capacity 660cc canisters to handle high-volume, oral-solid medications. AVF-1 also features an inventory mode to assist with individual accounts. 

Flexible and easy to integrate

AVF-1 works with tablets of all shapes and sizes, even half tabs, greatly reducing the manual labor in your pharmacy. Simplified filling needs allow pharmacists to work more efficiently and thoughtfully.

Product Literature

Automated vial filling featuring precise counting technology.

Simplify oral solids

AVF-6™ is a semi-automatic counting system designed to provide counting and filling of high-volume medications. The device counts 60 pills per minute and dispenses into dedicated chutes which allow for any oral solid to be counted without cross-contamination.

Large capacities

AVF-6 accommodates large capacity 2200cc canisters to handle high-volume, oral solid medications. The device is capable of quick inventory counts or prescription filling on demand.

Product Literature

Dispense your top oral solids using efficient automation.

Focus on safety

The space-saving AVF-70™ automatically counts and fills prescription vials with your top 70 oral solids, utilizing 64 large internal canisters as well as six additional direct-fill, external canisters. The external device facilitates direct fill of penicillin or other medications without the risk of cross-contaminants.

Works with any footprint

AVF-70 can easily integrate into any pharmacy layout. Either on a mobile cart or countertop, AVF-70 takes up limited space.

Product Literature