HDStock™, high-density fixtures from TCGRx, creates an organized and tailored storage system for your pharmacy. This pharmacy storage solution will free up space and reduce technician filling time while creating a clean and bright design for a professional setting. All of our fixtures are available with unique labeling and dividing features that make finding medications quick and easy. A wide array of available colors and styles allows you to customize not only the layout of your pharmacy but also the look. Options for the HDStock include: a carousel large, carousel small, high profile, bulk shelving, speed shelving and workstations. Please contact us today to learn more about HDStock.

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High-density storage system to keep your medication organized.

Save time and space

HDStock™ provides a well-organized storage system while incorporating high-density storage capacity, easy access, and clear visibility. No other system offers you more storage in the same space and configures to your pharmacy's individual needs.

Features to make work intuitive

The self-closing mechanism as well as an enclosed carriage step allow convenient access and reduce the risk of injury. Lockable drawers help protect stock that needs to be kept secure. An integrated carriage step holds up to 330 lbs. and provides easy access to the top drawers.

Compact storage in a small footprint.


Carousel shelving provides ease-of-access and compact storage while drastically reducing the space required to store your pharmacy inventory. HDStock Carousels allow multiple technicians to fill scripts simultaneously with ease and accuracy.

Gain floorspace in your pharmacy.

High-Density Storage

HDStock Carousels have open slots on each level that promote ease of restocking and allows for multiple technicians to fill scripts simultaneously, and corner placement of carousel maximizes corner space. The HDStock Carousels are lighter than most traditional carousels with no floor reinforcement needed.

Storage for all your bottle & bulk needs.


High-density storage creates space for additional work areas and professional services and a unique divider system reduces open bottles.

Bright, organized and professional appearance

Can move easily to accommodate pharmacy workflow changes while combining storage for fast movers and bulk items. Speed shelves pull down for eacy access and release down to facilitate first-in – first-out stocking..

Create space for additional work areas and professional services.

Storage for all your bulk package needs

Bright, organized, and professional appearance that can move easily to accomodate pharmacy workflow changes. Flat shelf height is easy to adjust and is excellent for storing boxes of unit-dose liquid cups, vials, injectibles, etc.

High-density storage for the fastest moving medications.

Storage for all your bottle & bulk needs

Unique divider system reduces open bottles and promotes first-in, first-out inventory control. A bright, organized and professional appearance  promotes faster script filling with less walking. Can be moved easily to accomodate pharmacy workflow changes. A one touch release to access entire inventory.

Counter-top workspace with high-density storage

Counterspace and storage combined

Speed shelves pull down for easy access which promotes less walking and faster script filling. A unique divider system reduces open bottles and can easily be moved to accommodate pharmacy workflow changes. LED lights under overhead shelves increase viewability while one-touch speed shelves allow access to full inventory.