After pouches are generated from ATP® 2 Series, InspectRx® helps to ensure that the right pill is in the right pouch for the right patient.

Today, pharmacy staff members spend too much time manually filtering through pouches to verify them for accuracy. Through the medication imaging system of InspectRx, a staff member can now see every pill in every pouch assisted with a dashboard to guide the user to specific pouches that may have an issue. The system not only reduces the labor associated with handling the pouches but also increases the overall accuracy of the pouch packaging system.

Using a 12-point electronic prescription verification system, InspectRx compares every pill with the information printed on the reverse side. Both sides are photographed and archived in a self-maintained database and viewable for a staff member to check each one electronically.

Color bar printing cannot be electronically verified by InspectRx.

Inspect pouches efficiently and accurately.

Develop customer loyalty

InspectRx® gives patients the confidence of knowing their pouches are accurate. Facilities can track erroneous pouches and missing meds back to the source. Identifying 12 physical characteristics ensures that correct medications are placced in the correct pouches. Pharmacies capture images of their medication inventory so that all imagery is compared in the same setting.

An accurate record of all medications

In tandem with ATP® and ATP® 2 Series, InspectRx can complete the circle to deliver the most accurate and safe result to patients. Images are captured of every pouch, front and back, for the pharmacy's records for reference. InspectRx features a corrector camera which allows for updated pouches to also be documented.

Enhance InspectRx with accurate automatic collation of pouches.

Simplify the delivery process

Collector, an optional add-on, further enhances the capabilities of InspectRx by cutting, rolling, and taping medication strips by patient, drug, or med cabinet. With the Collector, your pharmacy moves much closer to a completely hands-free packaging system. The Collector is capable of handling smaller pouch strips for 14-day or 7-day and less, but also larger 30-day strips for retail and outpatient applications. This unit can be purchased and installed along with InspectRx or you can add it to the system as your business demands it in the future. Like all of our solutions, the Collector is flexible and modular.

Focus on the clinical

The Collector frees up technician and pharmacist labor that can then be reallocated to more of the clinical applications that are now being regulated on in pharmacies. Reimbursement is driving more and more pharmacies toward patient outcomes. This hands-free system allows pharmacists and technicians to spend more time on patient care initiatives.




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From Entry Level to Full-Scale High Volume

InspectRx® Mini enable pharmacies of any size to begin an adherence program without sacrificing their workflow, labor efficiency and patient safety. Inspect Mini is a high-speed imager that helps facilitate the checking process, with less space than a traditional medication imaging device. Mini allows a pharmacy to grow as business increases, and afford the staff to spend more time with their customers than manually checking medications.

An accurate record of all medications

When combined with the ATP® 2, the InspectRx Mini completes the filling cycle on medication adherence. The Mini photographs each pouch and verifies each pill against a 12-point inspection database to guarantee the medications in each pouch are separated for the right patient at the right time, every time. Each image is archived for future reference by the pharmacy to reduce liability when prescriptions leave the pharmacy.

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