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Pharmacy Inventory Management


Beacon® is the culmination of PharmLoc™, DeliverRx, and Pharmacist Check. This solution is a turnkey design incorporating pharmacy inventory management, will-call, and pharmacist prescription verification, allowing for one standard operating procedure for the entire pharmacy. Beacon's signature features include pick-and-put-to-light LEDs, barcode confirmation of every prescription, and image verification of every medication.

Beacon works well in any pharmacy setting including:

  • Hospital Inpatient
  • Hospital Outpatient
  • Retail
  • Long-Term Care
  • Mail Order

Save your pharmacy space, time, and money.

Designed with efficiency in mind

Beacon® Inventory Management System transforms your pharmacy into a superbly efficient storage and pick center by using breakthrough shelving and retrieval technology that organizes all medication by activity, zones, and process.You now have stations to place your fastest moving inventory, as well as bulk compartments for slower moving medications. All parts of Beacon use pick-to-light technology for rapid location dispensing. Beacon includes DeliverRx™ and Pharmacist Check. These features create a safe, accurate, and efficient process from beginning to end to ensure patients receive not only the correct medications, but all medications in their prescription.

Outcomes and ROI

Beacon fits into small spaces, allows more prescriptions to be filled in a shorter time, decreases will-call retrieval time, and reduces inventory costs. It makes the processes in your pharmacy more systematic and reportable. Many Beacon pharmacies have seen inventory turns increase to as much as 30% while inventory levels drop by 30%. Every square foot saved is another square foot that can be used for additional services in your pharmacy. In hospitals, Beacon frees space for automation and IV Rooms. In retail pharmacies, it makes space for MTM and adherence programs. 

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Product Literature

A secure addition to inventory management.

Control access 

PharmLoc™ provides your pharmacy secure storage of At-Risk-Medications (ARM). With access restricted to specified users, software controlled electronic locks require biometric authentication for entry. The system tracks all activities including who and when users accessed an ARM drawer. PharmLoc provides detailed documentation and auditing of all ARM usage. Keyed entry allows for the manual release of an ARM drawer in case of a power failure.

Product Literature

Know where every order is at all times.

Prescriptions at-hand for patients

DeliverRx™ puts prescriptions ready for pickup in easy-to-find locations. This system is configurable in many different capacities for any pharmacy layout including wall unit, under-counter drawer system, and/or corner carousel. Customize your pharmacy by using DeliverRx bags and bulk shelving, and even integrate refrigerated items.

Directed by light, pickups are quick for the customer and no longer require waiting while the technician searches for the prescription.

Product Literature

Ensure patients receive the prescriptions they need.

Better utilize pharmacist's time

Beacon® reduces fill times but does not remove the human aspect of a pharmacy. Pharmacist Check, another optional feature, allows the order with image and barcode to be verified by a pharmacist. Beacon provides multiple checks and balances to ensure accuracy.