RTP is an innovative remote tablet packaging technology that allows the pharmacy to release pre-approved cycle fill orders to a secure packaging cabinet in the nursing facility. RTP is designed to provide more immediate access to cycle fills, first doses, PRNs and LOAs with more security, tracking, and billing accuracy, than found with the traditional emergency kit boxes. ATP® 2 Series allows nurses to dispense unit dose or multi-med for nursing carts, to then be disbursed to the floor in an orderly fashion. This reduces time spent by nurses passing out medications, sorting through traditional blister cards, and even having to remove medications that are expired, or for a patient whose medications have changed. AutoSense technology utilizes unique and proprietary coding that is applied to formulary canisters in the ATP Series pouch packaging device.

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Remote access for your facilities.

Decrease costs and improve access

RTP™, our Remote Tablet Packager, provides compliant on-demand packaging for immediate medication access in a nursing facility for Cycle Fill, LOA, STAT and 1st Doses. Reduce medication waste costs and improve your bottom line by decreasing urgent deliveries and reliance on back-up pharmacies with constant access to RTP. 

Canisters with clear labeling

To ensure safety, our smart canister technology uses electronic recognition to verify proper canister placement. The detailed canister label features medication information and pharmacist verification.

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Expand your automated formulary in packaging automation.

Unique and Proprietary Coding

AutoSense™ utilizes unique technology and proprietary coding that is applied to formulary canisters in the ATP® and ATP® 2 Series pouch packaging device. It automatically detects the canister replacement, and updates the database regardless of its placement within a designated drawer, allowing the expansion of automated formulary without the need to purchase expensive capital equipment.

Application and Flexibility

AutoSense can be applied to any existing ATP Series and is available in increments of 16 canister bases. The product allows an entire ATP Series to be enabled with AutoSense, so that every location in the device can be flexible to handle any oral solid formulary item, including half-tablets. AutoSense allows a customer to better handle generic and brand medication changes, decrease erroneous errors in dispensing, and provide a way for an entry-level customer to limit capital equipment expenditures without compromising accuracy and convenience.

Product Literature