Medication Adherence

AdherePac™ - Medications organized by pass time. Simple, convenient, healthy.

Right medication, right time

The AdherePac solution offers a multi-med pouch that contains all of a patient’s medications for a given pass time. The pouches are automatically generated from one of our ATP® 2 Series pouch packaging solutions through an interface with your current pharmacy information system. The pouches have a serrated edge that are easy to open, helping to ensure that the patient takes the medications as directed. AdherePac provides the ability to generate reminder pouches for non-oral solids such as inhalers or topical creams, so every medication prescribed is prompted at the correct time.

Clearly labeled pouches

After verification, AdherePac clearly indicates on pouches when to take a specified dose. Medication adherence packaging is labeled with strength, instructions, and pass time, ensuring distribution to the appropriate patient. Outpatient pharmacies can offer an AdherePac program where patients are supplied a month’s worth of medication for easy compliance.

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