Synergy Offers Industry Best-in-Class Technologies for High Volume Pharmacy Solutions

Pharmacy industry’s first device will fill both punch cards and pouch packages, targeting 2017 release.

TCGRx Technology Solutions Improve Medication and Patient Safety Across Latin America

Beacon® solution reduces pharmacy footprint, optimizes inventory management efficiencies.

Just months after losing his fight to keep long-established Blair’s Drug Store in Henrico County in business, pharmacist W. Berkley Rayfield has started a new business that specializes in sorting and packaging customers’ medications.

"Customers who have taken advantage of our marketing program, have gained additional business faster, with a staff that was better informed." – Deborah Parker, Director of Marketing

“Maury Regional needed to automate the packaging of their unit dose medications for bedside barcode scanning. By adding in the Beacon® Inventory Management System, the MRMC team saw the benefits of using an IMS that allowed multiple users to pick and fill simultaneously. In addition, the TCGRx team was able to adjust the workflow processes, to maximize every inch of available space.” — Jeff Binkley, Director of Pharmacy, Maury Regional Medical Center

“Technicians no longer have to dig through bins containing unorganized patient rolls or strips to decipher pouches that may need correction, wasting valuable time. With Batch Validator, identification of pouches needing correction or review is as simple as scanning two barcodes.” — Matt Noffsinger, SVP of Business Development and Sales

“The ATP 2 is designed to ensure every pill is dispensed correctly, while reducing pharmacy downtime and operating costs. At TCGRx, we pride ourselves on the sophistication of our technology, driven largely by the voice of our pharmacy clients. When it comes to adherence packaging, we feel we’ve anticipated their every need by providing a system that’s both intelligent and scalable to the unique needs of their pharmacy operations,” said Duane Chudy, President/CEO of TCGRx.

“TCGRx’s role is to help both the pharmacy and their patients by using the latest technology to guarantee the right medication is in the right pouch for the right patient, every time,” said Duane Chudy, President/CEO of TCGRx.