Progressive Care's wholly owned subsidiary, PharmCo, LLC located in Miami Beach, will be one of the first in South Florida to offer patients the benefit of this new packaging system that allows for patients to receive customized dosage pouches according to their daily prescription needs.

New SmartCardRx™ Enhances Productivity and Accuracy, Enabling Pharmacies to Fill More Scripts per Day

TCGRx, a recognized leader in pharmacy packaging and automation, today announced the acquisition of ARxIUM’s Panasonic FastPak EXP and FastPak 71 pouch packaging business line. The move extends TCGRx’s industry leadership position by providing increased penetration into the hospital market as well as continued expansion into Canada.

TCGRx is excited to announce that the new customer shopping site is now available!  The new shopping site allows you to shop in a much more convenient environment, easy re-ordering, select your Ship To location, select your preferred shipping method with pricing, and include sales tax when applicable. 

PersonalRX is a tech-enabled pharmacy in New Jersey. Its primary mission is to elevate the role of pharmacy, empower patients to manage their medication therapy more proficiently and provide medications to patients in more than 40 states.

As a reminder, maintenance of operating system patches and anti-virus is the responsibility of the pharmacy. Please direct questions to your pharmacy Information Technology staff as desired. 

Beacon Mobile delivers speed, efficiency and accuracy, in the palm of your hand.

With patient safety as their number one goal, Gayco Healthcare utilizes TCGRx’s InspectRx mainly because the medication imaging system of InspectRx increases the overall accuracy and is highly efficient — saving time and lowering labor costs.

ATP Mini and InspectRx Mini help pharmacies launch adherence without sacrificing space, features, or accuracy

TCGRx is proud to announce the ATP® v1.6 Feature Enriched Upgrade. New features and functionality will speed up workflow, decrease fill times and improve pharmacy performance.