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Outpatient Pharmacy Support Services

Most of the issues that your pharmacy may encounter after implementation, can be resolved with remote support from TCGRx personnel, usually with the assistance from the on-site pharmacist or pharmacy tech. The TCGRx support team is uniquely positioned to respond, assess, and provide timely solutions. We understand the urgency of support the pharmacy requires, and we respond to each issue accordingly.


Manufacturer Warranties

TCGRx offers the best manufacturer warranties available. We also have one of the most competitive, comprehensive service programs on the market.


TCGRx Support Team

Our support line is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can call into our Support Team and speak with a representative, who will work with you to resolve the issue. If your machine is down, your issue will get escalated, as we understand the urgency. TCGRx has the ability to log into your system remotely and help diagnose and resolve the problem you are experiencing. Many times, it can be as simple as a setting that does not require an on-site visit from a technician, or we can immediately determine if there is a hardware concern that will require additional support.

We have a support staff internally available to help you with any questions you have, as well as 80 dispatching offices with support technicians at each office to service our pharmacy automation equipment nationwide.


Technician Support

If our phone support staff cannot resolve the issue, a technician will be dispatched to your pharmacy. TCGRx makes its best effort to have a technician on site within 24 to 48 hours, depending on the location of your pharmacy. The TCGRx support team remains active on your support ticket until the issue you are experiencing has been resolved, and you are back up and running.

Continual Support of Your Outpatient Pharmacy

Customer service is always a hot topic before the sale. Afterwards, it tends to cool off in a hurry, but not here. At TCGRx, we understand the urgency of support that your pharmacy needs to operate at full capacity. TCGRx offers various levels of support after the installation process.

Service Maintenance Agreement That Fit You

With 5 different levels of Service Maintenance Agreements (SMA), it’s easy to see why TCGRx has support that is superior. As a customer, you need flexibility, and our SMAs are scaled to fit your needs. By providing our customers with training through our 24/7 web training portal, on-site and Biomed training, plus all the documentation you receive during installation, many times our customers have enough training to self-diagnose before calling us for help. Some customers simply want everything covered, and pick up the phone to let us handle the issues. Regardless of your choice of support, the flexibility helps you make the most of your purchase.