Reduce Hospital Readmissions

TCGRx offers an adherence packaging solution that is married to a medication synchronization program in your outpatient or discharge pharmacy. If your pharmacy does not currently have an outpatient pharmacy, we can show you how to manage this process out of the inpatient pharmacy or help you build a stand alone outpatient pharmacy.


Pharmacy Short Cycle

Government regulations and industry needs change constantly. With ShortCycleRx®, a pharmacy short cycle solution, you have the flexibility to deliver a multitude of packaging options with one central and automated platform. Our solutions are scalable, so whether you have 10 patients or 10,000 patients, our system will provide you with a cost-effective entry point that can be enhanced as your business grows.


Medication Adherence

The AdherePac™ solution offers a multi-med pouch that contains all of a patient’s medications for a given pass time. The pouches are automatically generated from one of our ATP® 2 Series pouch packaging solutions through an interface with your current pharmacy information system. The pouches have a serrated edge that is easy to open, helping to ensure that the patient takes the medications as directed. AdherePac provides the ability to generate reminder pouches for non-oral solids such as inhalers or topical creams, so every medication prescribed is prompted at the right time.


Pharmacy Inventory Management Solutions

TCGRx Beacon® Inventory Management System provides visibility, at the touch of a button, to the location of a specific medication, how long it has been stocked, the quantity in the specific bottle, whether or not it has been opened, and when it expires. For the first time in history, a pharmacy manager can now quickly and easily manage inventory down to the pill and the penny without walking the shelves and manually counting. Audits are greatly minimized, inventory turns are increased, and on-hand dollars are reduced.


Pharmacy Consulting Design

TCGRx has one of the most experienced teams in the industry for pharmacy consulting, design and pharmacy support. When implementing technology and making workflow changes, your pharmacy can not afford to be distracted from the day-to-day business of servicing your customers. For that reason, we have put together a core team of people at TCGRx who can help guide your staff through the pre- and post-implementation process. Even if you are just looking to optimize your existing pharmacy operations, we would like the opportunity to share our expertise with your team members. TCGRx also has core reference customers who are available for consultation. We also have some of the best operators in the country available to you.

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