Adherence Basics Retail

GPK PouchesEasy to understand and manage 

Your prescriptions are refilled once a month with AdherePac™ compliance packaging. AdherePac is either delivered or available for in-store pickup. Pouches are easy to open with clearly printed instructions, eliminating cumbersome vials and complicated instructions. Your local pharmacy will work with your doctors to sync all medications and keep your prescriptions up to date. 


A month of medication conveniently packaged

Routine maintenance prescriptions can be packaged with AdherePac. Certain medications cannot be included such as soluble, over-the-counter, as-needed, etc. Once a customer's insurance provider and physician align all of his/her prescriptions on the same fill cycle, one reusable dispenser box will be provided to handle a 30-day supply. Each month the customer will receive a new roll to place in the dispenser box. 


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