Hospital Pharmacy Market

Inpatient or outpatient, we will reduce errors, increase productivity, and lower costs.

Inpatient environments

Our product offering for the hospital pharmacy market includes horizontal carousels and high-density storage and retrieval with pick and put to light technology and perpetual inventory management. In simple terms, we have a great solution to either work in conjunction with your current automation or to replace outdated technology. Our Beacon® Inventory Management System is extremely cost-effective and configurable which means that you can change the design of your pharmacy with ease as your business needs change. Beacon integrates with our high-speed packaging unit, ATP® and ATP® 2 Series. But we offer more than just a high-speed packager, we have a "closed-loop" production and distribution system. We control and track every medication from the time it enters the pharmacy to the time it leaves. We package, verify, and then organize and distribute medication in a way that takes the mundane, labor-intensive activities out of the hands of your staff so that they can focus on the more clinical, patient-centric activities.

Outpatient & employee pharmacies

With readmission rates becoming more and more relevant, outpatient pharmacies are on the rise. If your hospital has or is looking to build an outpatient pharmacy, we would like to show you how we can build a cost-effective, scalable pharmacy for your anticipated volume. A 300 Rx/day pharmacy with counting automation can be built in under 200 square feet. With space being a premium in most hospital settings, we are able to deliver not only a practical pharmacy, but also a practical adherence packaging program as part of your medication therapy management or discharge consulting program that can reduce hospital readmissions.

TCGRx offers design and consulting services to optimize your pharmacy for space, inventory, and labor. Our goal is to show you how to do more with less. 


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Customer Reviews

"We’ve noted that since the implementation of Beacon our dispensing errors have been reduced at least by one-half of what we previously saw. We feel that this has greatly enhanced our safety in dispensing."

Jeff Binkley, Director of Pharmacy
Maury Regional Hospital, TN

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