Long-Term Care Pharmacy Solutions

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The long-term care pharmacy market is part of the customer service industry. "No" is not an option for your customers and one size does not fit all. At TCGRx we have designed the industry's most flexible and reliable solutions so you can continue delivering first rate customer service while also growing your business. With products like ATP® 2, InspectRx®, Beacon®, and others, we can deliver tools or complete systems to allow you to fill more prescriptions with less space, labor, and inventory.   

Flexible systems for flexible business models

All of our long-term care solutions have been designed to address the needs of skilled, assisted, developmentally disabled, AIDS, correctional, and camp patients. By making small adjustments in the software and hardware, TCGRx systems can address the various needs of your clientele. Our expert staff has the experience needed to help you pursue any of these markets once you have made the investment in the technology. 

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Customer Reviews

When TCGRx developed the InspectRx, this provided a solution for patient safety. Making sure that it is accurate and it is the right med, right pack, for right patient for the right time was paramount.

Jon Martin, Director of Business Development
Gayco Healthcare

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