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Outpatient pharmacy and patient outcomes

An outpatient hospital pharmacy prepares and dispenses prescriptions for patients, hospital employees, and medical staff. TCGRx has workflow solutions to make this process easy and organized. Outpatient pharmacies are designed to make patient's lives more convenient. Build a pharmacy that mirrors that convenience and offers solutions in inventory management to save time and space. TCGRx can also show you how to add adherence packaging and expand MTM and ACO initiatives within the hospital. Our AdherePac™ pouch system can help to reduce hospital readmissions and increase revenue for your pharmacy all while improving patient outcomes and lowering overall healthcare costs.

Space saving solutions

If you are adding a new pharmacy or trying to introduce new services to your existing pharmacy, TCGRx offers innovative pharmacy fixtures that allow you to save up to 50% of the filling area and reduce technician labor that can be reallocated to MTM or other patient-centric programs.

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Customer Reviews

Since we’ve begun working with SmartTrayRx, fill times have improved dramatically and the process of including non-formulary medications has become less cumbersome."

Ponce Bautista, R.Ph, Pharm D, Vice President of Operations
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