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Marketing your pharmacy adherence program to increase your customer base.

At TCGRx, our partnership doesn’t end after the sale. We have developed marketing support that is dedicated to helping you grow your pharmacy business. Whether you are trying to gain new homes or patient populations in long-term care facilities, in skilled nursing facilities, or looking to capture more patients in retail and outpatient environments, you can benefit from our marketing support offerings. We’ve removed the difficult task of writing copy, selecting images, creating multiple campaigns, producing samples, managing web presence and even print production. We take your existing pharmacy brand and incorporate into high-quality marketing pieces in order to provide a customized solution unique to your pharmacy and your target markets. We will help develop a program that fits your strategy and budget.

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Customer Reviews

The fact that we can label packages with Spanish language and comfort our patients whose primary language is now reflected on their medication packaging - that's the type of pharmacy product we're especially proud to produce.

Lawrence Margolis, CEO

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