Automated Pouch Packaging

Start an adherence program, reduce fill times, guarantee patient safety, and schedule labor more effectively.

Adherence packaging is vital to medication compliance and patient well-being.

It has been proven in clinical studies that a simple-to-use adherence package can reduce adverse events with patients, reduce readmissions, and save the healthcare system significantly. To meet the needs of at-home patients, TCGRx has developed the AdherePac™ medication pouch.

The AdherePac pouch provides a wealth of benefits, not only to the patient, but to the caregivers and pharmacies that serve them. Using simple and automated tools, a pharmacy can quickly and effectively increase the number of prescriptions per patient that are being filled and even incorporate OTCs. The patient benefits from receiving medications in pouches that are organized by pass times, thereby taking the guess work out of traditional medication management in vials. 

TCGRx is a proud technology partner with NCPA’s Simplify My Meds program to provide the technology you need to help your patients stay adherent. Our new ATP® 2 produces the AdherePac pouch packaging that can be customized with valuable adherence tools including images, color reminders, and instructions. TCGRx also offers a full suite of products to fulfill an adherence program and to market that program.

Customer Reviews

The cost justification has been easy to see. What used to take two techs and a pharmacist an entire day now takes one tech and a pharmacist just an hour or two.

Don Brindisi, RPh, Pharmacy Manager
Masonic Villages

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