Remote Tablet Packaging


RTP is an innovative remote tablet packaging technology that allows the pharmacy to release pre-approved cycle fill orders to a secure packaging cabinet in the nursing facility. RTP is designed to provide more immediate access to cycle fills, first doses, PRNs and LOAs with more security, tracking, and billing accuracy, than found with the traditional emergency kit boxes. ATP® 2 Series allows nurses to dispense unit dose or multi-med for nursing carts, to then be disbursed to the floor in an orderly fashion. This reduces time spent by nurses passing out medications, sorting through traditional blister cards, and even having to remove medications that are expired, or for a patient whose medications have changed. AutoSense technology utilizes unique and proprietary coding that is applied to formulary canisters in the ATP Series pouch packaging device.

Customer Reviews

The fact that we can label packages with Spanish language and comfort our patients whose primary language is now reflected on their medication packaging - that's the type of pharmacy product we're especially proud to produce.

Lawrence Margolis, CEO

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