Pharmacy Short Cycle

ShortCycleRx® is designed to save time and money for your pharmacy and your facilities.

Stay compliant

Government regulations and industry needs change constantly. With ShortCycleRx®, a pharmacy short cycle solution, you have the flexibility to deliver a multitude of packaging options with one central and automated platform. Our solutions are scalable, so whether you have 10 patients or 10,000 patients, our system will provide you with a cost-effective entry point that can be enhanced as your business grows.

Closed-loop process

Let us take the mundane activities out of the hands of your skilled staff so that they can focus on customer service, clinical applications, and other value-added activities. We have created a fully interfaced packaging system which includes automation of non-formulary items, and also assists with the checking, collation, and delivery processes. We are proud to be the only full production and fulfillment solutions provider in the market.

Customer Reviews

Beacon inventory management system and design layout allowed us to stay in the same building that we have been in for nearly 100 years, and still add a drive-thru window and a closed door pharmacy within our existing retail space."

Wayne Macardy, President
Phillips Healthcare Pharmacy

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