Adherence packaging is the term used for medications that are provided to patients by day or pass time, facilitating medication compliance to their physician-prescribed regimen. Patients subject to chronic illinesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure (HBP), or heart conditions must follow the medication programs consistently to avoid any relapse or hospital readmissions. Adherence packaging is commonly distributed in mutli-medication pouches or blister cards. TCGRx offers adherence packaging with the use of the ATP® 2, that dispense AdherePac pouches.

What are the benefits of adherence packaging to the patient?

When patients medications are synchronized, there is less chance of over- or undermedicating. Patients make one trip to one pharmacy each month, and can even have them packaged and delivered to their door for homebound customers. Pharmacies can also opt to include a card for the patient to take to their medical providers, that provides a complete list of medications, strengths, and dosing instructions, to give a full view of the patient's complete regimen from all prescribing physicians.

What are the benefits of adherence packaging to the pharmacy?

Pharmacies are already overwhelmed with labor and accuracy issues. By using the ATP® 2 for packaging oral-solid medications, effiency increases as labor can be planned for days with higher monthly refill rates, and accuracy is vastly improved as the entire packaging process utilizes barcoding for filling canisters, universal trays for non-canistered meds, and pouches can even be barcoded for meds-to-beds programs in outpatient pharmacies in hospitals or surgery centers.