Electronic prescription verification helps pharmacy staff utilize automated equipment to facilitate the checking process of filled medication prescriptions. TCGRx is an industry leader in offering the InspectRx®, which speeds up the checking process by electornically inspecting 12 parameters of each pill, including width, depth, roundness, color, and density. The InspectRx provides another level of security to the pharmacist verification process knowing that an image of the front and back of every AdherePac™ pouch is archived in a database for future reference.

How does electronic prescription verification fit into pharmacy workflow?

Pharmacy efficiency is increased when utilizing electronic prescription verification. After AdherePac pouches are produced from the ATP 2, they are wound onto a spooler and loaded to the InspectRx. The InspectRx will read the barcode within the batch to verify each patient order against the pharmacy information system. The pouches travel through the InspectRx, photographing the front and back of each pouch, and verifying each medication against a database of images. Once the batch is complete, images appear on the checking station and have color-coded flags for the pharmacist to then verify pouches that need inspection. If corrections are required, they are corrected, then re-imaged in our Corrector station, replacing the existing images in the batch database for archiving.