High-density pharmacy fixtures provide storage of medications and pharmacy supplies. Many pharmacies are limited on space, and are unable to expand or move. TCGRx provides HDStock™ high-density storage solutions. Each pharmacy has unique needs, and HDStock has a varied line of products to fit every budget, every pharmacy of any size. HDStock offers carousels, cabinets, workstations, islands, high-profile and speeds shelves that helps to reduce space by consolidating inventory into a tighter footprint. HDStock can reduce space up to 50%, provide an organized and clean environment which helps pharmacy staff become more productive.

Why invest in high-density fixtures?

Traditional bookshelf-style shelving takes up room, and by having more shelves, pharmacy staff spends more time walking to find medications, being less productive. By implementing high-density shelving, medications are consolidated into a smaller footprint, more easily accessible and more organized. One HDStock high-density cabinet hold as much medication as 27 linear feet of traditional shelving in only 11 square feet. Carousels can help fill under-utilized corners between stations. By opening up more space in the pharmacy, a pharmacy can add MTM services, vaccination or consultation rooms, giving the pharmacy more flexibility and income with the addition of those services.