Why you need a Medication Adherence Program

A medication adherence program will help improve patient outcomes and increase your pharmacy business.A pharmacy can manage all of the patients’ refills and maintain consistent refills with the AdherePac™ Compliance Packaging. The pharmacy can work with doctors to sync all of the patient’s medications and keep their prescriptions up-to-date. When integrated with an adherence program, AdherePac allows for multiple prescriptions to be coordinated and made available for patients to pick-up the same day. The pharmacist is then able to analyze all of the patient’s prescriptions for possible interactions, over- or under-medication, and cost-saving opportunities.

What can an Adherence Program do for your pharmacy?

An Adherence Program is a comprehensive patient care system and organizational tool for the pharmacy. The pharmacy will immediately notice an improved workflow, which in turn will be a more organized staff, maximizing staff labor. The pharmacy can be staffed appropriately for the busier days, allowing staff to be re-allocated appropriately to other tasks. By implementing an adherence program, your inventory management will also improve, as the pharmacist will be able to better manage the on-hand inventory and order medications less-frequently from the wholesalers. An adherence program can allow a pharmacist to play a more consultative role, making suggestions for OTCs to a patient, based on their ailments and prescribed medications. By adding in vitamins or supplements, the pharmacy can greatly increase their ROI per patient on pharmacy automation.

What are the first steps in implementing an Adherence Program?

The first step is beginning an adherence program is commitment. Once committed, you will want to select five to seven patients who will have patience as you iron out the kinks and who are ideal candidates to get started. To make the program worthwhile for the staff and patients, we recommend patients who are on at least 3 to 4 medications per day. You can help increase that by including over-the-counter medications or vitamins and supplements. Getting your staff trained on the advantages of adherence is vital. They will need to understand the details of how the med synch program works, how payments are handled, and how items such as non-oral solids are processed as well.