This innovative solution allows patients to receive prescriptions at bedside when they are being discharged from the hospital. This allows patients, who are anxious to get home, the freedom to concentrate on other things without having to stop enroute to pick up prescriptions.

What Are The Benefits of Meds to Bed For the Patient?

Nobody wants to wait in line at the pharmacy after being released from the hospital. “Meds to Bed” technology enables doctors and nurses to administer discharge prescriptions at bedside, while discussing other discharge instructions.

This adds both safety and convenience to the issuance of prescriptions. Hospital staff will be able to scan the meds and review customer authorizations at bedside.

Patients are more receptive to instructions in the hospital setting. Doctors and nurses appreciate the convenience of administering prescription instructions before the patient leaves.

TCGRx technology incorporates barcode scanning at every process of the script filling process, and is extended by adding barcodes to our AdherePac® adherence packaging from the ATP®, or barcodes for any vials used in the AVFTM. This technology can be integrated with bedside scanning software already in place, to guarantee that the right medication is given to the right patient prior to discharge.