Inventory is a pharmacy’s largest assets. Your business manager or accountant will confirm that inventory has a huge impact on your bottom line. Perpetual inventory management enables your pharmacy to record and output live data regarding your inventory, from the bottle to pill level. It gives the user viewability to what is in each bottle, if it’s been sold at point of sale, or is sitting in quarantine waiting pick up, or waiting  return to inventory. Too much inventory results in too little cash on hand and makes your business less profitable. But if you carry too little inventory, you run the risk of losing sales.

How Does The Pharmacy Benefit?

Perpetual inventory management means you have an efficient process for placing orders, holding inventory and managing any shortages that might occur. At any moment TCGRx’s system can produce reports for ordering, inventory or auditing, without the need for time-consuming pill counting, or running the risk of having expired medications on hand with multiple same-med open bottles.

TCGRx’s automated inventory management systems enable pharmacists, at the touch of a button to locate, age stock, quantify, establish opened bottles, and determine expiration dates.

Our systems are designed uniquely to meet your specifications and budget. They can be integrated into virtually any pharmaceutical setting or operation.