What is Pharmacy Automation Equipment?

Pharmacy automation equipment fills more prescriptions in less time, providing you the opportunity to better serve your patients. TCGRx is a leading supplier of pharmacy automation equipment, including long-term care, retail chain, retail independent, and inpatient and outpatient hospital settings. Our solutions can be scaled from simple packaging technology to enterprise-level perpetual inventory management. We provide not just the tools to make your pharmacy more efficient and reliable, but also the strategy behind those tools. TCGRx pharmacy automation equipment will help you prevent medication filling errors and increase pharmacy staff efficiency. TCGRx also offers a full suite of products to fulfill an adherence program and to help you market that program. The benefits of automated pharmacy systems are substantial, as your pharmacy can automate the pill dispensing process to affordably stay competitive.

Determine Your Pharmacy Needs

No two pharmacies are the same. TCGRx has one of the most experienced teams in the industry for pharmacy consulting and design. The staff at TCGRx works with you to determine your needs and analyzes your space to define the appropriate products for your pharmacy. Our team is with your staff through every step of the process, from the pre- to post-implementation process. Our designs can help put a fresh face on your pharmacy, while creating additional square footage, adding more space for your retail front-end products, room for MTM or vaccination area and consultation rooms. For the inpatient hospital pharmacy setting, our solutions are perfect for freeing up space for expansion or to make improvements in workflow and production. TCGRx will take the time to learn your individual pharmacy needs, before delving into your design. Our flexible equipment allows us to develop a completely new pharmacy or integrate our pieces into your current environment.


When Is It Time to Reinvest in Your Pharmacy Workflow Equipment?

Having an inefficient pharmacy workflow is imperative to the success of your business. An inefficient workflow doesn’t just waste time, it can waste valuable space, make your customers unhappy, resulting in prescription errors and decreasing your revenue by losing business. Fortunately there are steps you can take to determine if it is time to reinvest in your pharmacy equipment.

First, determine if your pharmacy staff is as efficient and accurate as it should be. Next, find out from your staff, if your current workflow efficiency is still working or what shortcuts they have taken to try and speed up processes. Lastly, evaluate if your pharmacy is utilizing outdated equipment. The pharmacy industry has vastly improved since filling prescriptions manually. An automated pharmacy workflow can fill prescriptions faster and with a lower error rate. By automating the script filling process, your pharmacy will have fewer medication errors, avoid cross-contamination, and have reduced customer wait times.

Implementation of Equipment and Strategy

Having the right pharmacy automation equipment is only the beginning of the process. After TCGrx has determined what products are best for your needs, we are with you through the post implementation process. Proper training and installation of the automation equipment is critical to the long-term success of any pharmacy. We will provide the dedicated expertise needed, to ensure complete efficiency while minimizing disruption to pharmacy operations during the implementation process. We offer various levels of training for your staff both onsite and remotely, and are there to help guide your pharmacy through any questions before they will even occur, to help your launch process go as smoothly as possible.