What is a Pill Splitter?

A pill splitter is a simple and inexpensive device to split pills or tablets. Pharmacies use pill splitters to divide pills for patients. Our BullsEye® Tablet Splitter automatically cuts tablets perfectly in half, reducing damaged pills and providing more accurate doses to patients. When utilizing with ATP® 2 and InspectRx®, the BullsEye reduces errors flagged in the tray fill or image verification process. This device can split up to 16 pills per minute and with incredible accuracy. This helps create greater efficiency in your packaging process, by using our custom canisters for the half tabs and dispensing with ATP Series, instead of manually.

What is Pill Splitting?

Pharmacies are able to split pills in half, to lower the amount of inventory they carry, or to help patients or customers accurately split pills on their behalf to ensure proper dosage. Many medications cannot be split safely. The FDA has issued warnings about the risks and so have professional societies, representing pharmacists and doctors. This article looks at when pill splitting is safe, and when it’s not.

How to make tablet splitting easier

Cleanly split pills with the BullsEye Tablet Splitter. This revolutionary machine will automatically and precisely split pills in half, and can split up to 16 pills per minute, hands-free. This sophisticated device will reduce labor and pill waste. Even more importantly, BullsEye cuts with incredible accuracy, which ensures that your patients get the right strength every time.