Service Maintenance Agreement refers to the agreement that is ordered at the time of sale and renewed yearly. The service maintenance agreement (SMA) at TCGRx covers all non-wear and tear parts, service to have those items ordered and replaced in the field, and all phone support during regular business hours. Many competitors charge for parts, which over the life of your machine can be costly, particularly if it requires on-site service. Service maintenance agreement (SMA) are all-inclusive, and a great guarantee to extend the life of your equipment. 

What is the benefit of a Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA)?

If you run your equipment heavily. and you rely on your equipment to fill many of your scripts, you need your machine ready to use at any time. When your machine has an issue, TCGRx is here to troubleshoot your issue remotely 24/7. With a call to our Service Team, we are able to remotely log in to your automation and troubleshoot the concern. If our team determines you need a part replaced, or need on-site service, they will dispatch one of 80 offices across the US to your pharmacy to resolve any concerns. 

By having a service maintenance agreement, you are guaranteed support, service, and parts included in one yearly price. Our service team also reviews your equipment to determine if preventative maintenance needs to be performed to continue effortless operation, and will dispatch a technician, all included in the price of your SMA each year. TCGRx looks out for you with comprehensive maintenance plans for your automation.