Once a sale is completed, you will be assigned a TCGRx Project Manager. We have dedicated employees to ensure your installation and training are all handled in a timely manner from start to finish, and project managers are trained on your specific  products to completely understand your machines, how it is installed, all of the requirements required to be installed properly, and be with you each step of the way. 

TCGRx Project Managers will schedule a weekly call with you and your team to discuss:

  • Initial introduction to your TCGRx team including your Implementation Specialist(s) and Integration Engineer
  • Interface details and testing with your pharmacy information system (PhIS)
  • Space allocations for the machines including on-site survey
  • Electrical requirements
  • Medication requirements for canisters
  • Canister testing
  • Implementation date(s)
  • Delivery details 
  • Online pre-training
  • On-site training

Your Project Manager will schedule weekly calls from the time a sale is completed with our accounting team until your equipment is completely installed and in "Go Live" mode. Your team's involvement is critical to the success of the installation, including input from your pharmacy leader, IT department, and your facilities manager. You have a TCGRx member that will provide you one-on-one contact through the entire phase so you know what to expect at each and every step.