In California, 13 different hospitals were fined for failing to comply with state safety regulations. Across the 13 hospitals, five patients died, another had severe neurological damage, and the last had to go through another surgery because a sponge was left inside the patient.

How can something like leaving a surgical sponge inside a patient after surgery happen? It’s because of human error. All humans make mistakes. While no hospital wants to pay these fines and receive negative press, there is technology to help automate some day-to-day tasks.

Many patient problems come from missed medicine or incorrect dosage. A typical nurse will monitor several patients at a time, going through hundreds of different medications each day.  Maintaining 100% accuracy while manually preparing the medication cart is nearly impossible. Adherence packaging can change any hospital workflow for the better.

With the help of AdherePac™ from TCGRx greatly reduces the chance for errors. The medication is prepackaged; the nurse simply opens the pouch and administers the medication to their patient. Adherence packaging improves the quality of life for the nurse, the speed at which they can deliver all of the medication, and ensures patient safety by giving them the correct medication and dosage. 

About TCGRx

TCGRx is an industry leader in automation and design services for hospital, long-term care, retail, outpatient, and specialty pharmacy markets. The company has a strong presence in all pharmacy markets throughout the United States and Canada. TCGRx headquarters is located in Powers Lake, WI. Make your hospital pharmacy more efficient with TCGRx.  Take a look at our adherence products and give us a call at 262-279-5307 if you have any questions.

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