“Beacon Mobile provides even greater efficiencies by allowing users to disengage from a computer terminal in order to stock and search for medications in the Beacon system." — Matt Noffsinger, EVP of Sales

“The ATP 2 leverages a solid engineering foundation while pioneering the next set of features that pharmacies need to capture and improve compliance among at-risk patients while still improving their bottom line,” said Duane Chudy, President/CEO of TCGRx.

"Perhaps the biggest advantage we have seen with the TCGRx partnership is that we are now forward thinking." — Brian Kramer, MBA, RPh, Forum President

"Our efficiency has definitely improved due to the enhanced workflow afforded by the TCGRx HDStock system,” said Julie Gall, Administrative Manager of Skywalk Pharmacies.

“We focus our engineering efforts on new features for our customer base that have a high impact on their operations. PharmLoc protects the pharmacy’s valuable inventory by accounting for the use of each pill and anyone that touched the bottle. Retail, Long-Term Care, Hospital, and Outpatient pharmacies will benefit from the control and security that PharmLoc provides,” said Duane Chudy, President/CEO of TCGRx.

“We are constantly engineering new features for our customer base that have a high impact on their operations. The GPK is unique because it helps both our pharmacy partners and their patient base. The labeling is a tremendous improvement for nurses and self-administering patients but it can also reduce packaging and labor costs for the pharmacy,” said Duane Chudy, President/CEO of TCGRx.

“Discharge from hospitals and rehab units in LTC has become a major priority because of the reimbursement changes and star rating systems through CMS. CompletePac is a way to take the daunting challenge of medication management and turn it into a convenient, patient-friendly format that anyone can use. We are extremely proud to offer this as part of the overall healthcare solution,” said Duane Chudy, President/CEO of TCGRx.

“Today, customers using packagers are limited in their production by non-formulary items like half-tablets and slow-moving items that are not in the machine. AutoSense allows our customers to expand their automated formulary to any number. This will greatly reduce labor and increase production efficiency,” according to Matt Noffsinger, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“Millennium prides itself on being a technology driven long-term care partner, and the sophistication of TCG’s solution has enabled us to elevate patient safety to a whole new level. TCG remains at the forefront of technology, enabling us to provide our patients with unprecedented levels of safety, accuracy and efficiency,” said Lena Sturgeon, Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical and Relationship Officer of Millennium Pharmacy Systems.

“The sophistication of the ATP system has enabled us to do more with less, while delivering care to our residents in the safest, most cost- effective, and efficient manner possible,” said Bent Gay, Owner/President of Gayco Healthcare.