ATP® 2

Designed with pharmacies and patients in mind.

Discover the Next Generation

The ATP® 2 is the latest innovation from TCGRx. The ATP® 2 leaps ahead of all the others in reliability, longevity, and features to drive efficiency and growth for our pharmacy partners.

The ATP® 2 is available in many different sizes and configurations in order to fit any size and any volume pharmacy. The formulary capacity of the ATP 2 is limitless when combined with AutoSense™ smart canister technology. Create pouches to suit your patients’ needs – add color and vertical printing, pictures, barcodes, logos, icons, with variable fonts and sizes to give you maximum flexibility. With ATP 2’s unique dual tray system, you can continuously run your ATP 2 without interruptions. Variable pouch sizes ranging from extra small, to small, medium and large, save time and money by allowing a pharmacy to use appropriate-sized pouches for a facility.

The ATP 2 is more reliable than ever with features such as self-correcting motor bases that help to reduce downtime and user intervention with canisters. With an additional lower packaging unit (LPU) and spare motor bases, most hardware issues can be resolved in a matter of minutes. You can manage drug changes more efficiently by having a documented process for re-calibrating canisters in your pharmacy, using our Self-Calibrating Canisters. Our program provides training and tools to ensure that every pill is dispensing correctly from your ATP 2, while reducing downtime and operating costs.

The ATP® 2 seamlessly integrates with all of our TCGRx systems and is integral in the loop of pouch packaging technology. 

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Customer Reviews

This technology has allowed the pharmacy to continue to grow without having to hire more employees and spend more on labor costs.

Nathan Skaggs, COO
Pharmacy Unlimited

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