Graphic Printing Kit for ATP®

Customize your AdherePac™ pouches to fit your customers’ needs.

Printing on a whole new level

With the addition of the new Graphic Printing Kit, you can now customize your AdherePac™ pouches to include your pharmacy logo, images to simplify medication administration, or enhanced barcoding for patient safety. The printing allows for additional fonts, helping to increase efficiency of medication management and pharmacy production with the ability to have more medications per pouch. International letters and symbols, as well as the ability to print color bars* for at-a-glance administration recognition, will boost your advantage of packaging over traditional methods. The new Graphic Printing Kit is available for the ATP® 128-384 Series.

Added benefits of the Graphic Printing Kit

With a simple hardware add-on and software upgrade, you can improve the appearance and information for all of your packaging produced using ATP 2 and AdherePac. You will be able to easily reproduce labels or groups with a touch of a button, even drag and drop elements to and from existing labels. A great bonus is the new preview screen in the Label Manager, eliminating test printing. View on screen before you print, saving you valuable supplies. The new kit is available for both narrow and wide lower packaging units (LPU's) and has a small compact design for ease of installation in minimal space.

*Color bar printing cannot be electronically verified by InspectRx.

*Graphic Printing is for legacy ATP machines only.


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“Beacon has really allowed us to achieve a number of institutional goals, not just pharmacy goals. We’re very happy that Beacon has allowed us on the quality and financial side to have a process of continual improvement."

Jeff Binkley, Director of Pharmacy
Maury Regional Hospital, TN

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