InspectRx® Mini

From Entry Level to Full-Scale High Volume

InspectRx® Mini enable pharmacies of any size to begin an adherence program without sacrificing their workflow, labor efficiency and patient safety. Inspect Mini is a high-speed imager that helps facilitate the checking process, with less space than a traditional medication imaging device. Mini allows a pharmacy to grow as business increases, and afford the staff to spend more time with their customers than manually checking medications.

An accurate record of all medications

When combined with the ATP® 2, the InspectRx Mini completes the filling cycle on medication adherence. The Mini photographs each pouch and verifies each pill against a 12-point inspection database to guarantee the medications in each pouch are separated for the right patient at the right time, every time. Each image is archived for future reference by the pharmacy to reduce liability when prescriptions leave the pharmacy.

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Customer Reviews

We can label [AdherePac] packages with Spanish language and comfort our patients whose primary language is now reflected on their medication packaging — that’s the type of pharmacy product we’re especially proud to produce.

Lawrence Margolis, CEO

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