Inspect pouches efficiently and accurately.

Develop customer loyalty

InspectRx® gives patients the confidence of knowing their pouches are accurate. Facilities can track erroneous pouches and missing meds back to the source. Identifying 12 physical characteristics ensures that correct medications are placced in the correct pouches. Pharmacies capture images of their medication inventory so that all imagery is compared in the same setting.

An accurate record of all medications

In tandem with ATP® and ATP® 2 Series, InspectRx can complete the circle to deliver the most accurate and safe result to patients. Images are captured of every pouch, front and back, for the pharmacy's records for reference. InspectRx features a corrector camera which allows for updated pouches to also be documented.

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Customer Reviews

 TCG not only improved the functionality and reliability of our equipment but showed us how to use the machine to reduce our operating costs and add business using new features.

Pamela Kramer, Executive Vice President
Forum Extended Care Services

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