Plastic Boxes

AdherePac™ Plastic Boxes

The newest addition to TCGRx’s line of pouch storage options, is the AdherePac™ plastic box. Available in small (holds 7 days of multi-med pouches – approximately 28 pouches) and medium size (holds 7-14 days of multi-med pouches – approximately 85 pouches). These boxes are ideal for use in places such as senior living or skilled nursing facilities. This box is versatile sitting on a table or cart, inside the drawer of a cart, or hanging on a wall in a patient’s room using the pre-drilled hole in the bottom/back of the box. 

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Beacon inventory management system and design layout allowed us to stay in the same building that we have been in for nearly 100 years, and still add a drive-thru window and a closed door pharmacy within our existing retail space."

Wayne Macardy, President
Phillips Healthcare Pharmacy

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