Adherence card filling made simple

"The cost justification has been easy to see. What used to take two technicians and a pharmacist an entire day, now takes one tech and a pharmacist just an hour or two." ~Don Brindisi, RPh. Masonic Villages, ComputerTalk May/June 2018, "Technology-Guided Packaging: Better Med Organization at Masonic Villages"

TCGRx is excited to offer the first multi-med blister adherence system to utilize advanced LED lighting and barcode technology to help facilitate the efficiency of blister card filling. SmartCardRx enables the pharmacist to fill up to four cards per patient, or four patients per tray, using a unique barcode system and patented fill-to-light technology for improved productivity, accuracy, and safety.

SmartCardRx works with a wide range of multi-med card formats to simplify medication management for patients with multiple prescriptions. Multi-med cards help patients improve medication adherence, leading to improved health outcomes. The patient card is printed with patient information and a full medication index.  In addition, the patient blister card can be custom printed with pharmacy branding, enabling each facility to uniquely align with their branding initiatives.

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Customer Reviews

 TCG not only improved the functionality and reliability of our equipment but showed us how to use the machine to reduce our operating costs and add business using new features.

Pamela Kramer, Executive Vice President
Forum Extended Care Services

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