Central Fill Pharmacy Automation Solutions

Central Fill pharmacies face unique challenges as they fill large quantities on a continuous cycle, many 24-hours a day. TCGRx has developed sophisticated equipment to simplify the processes for counting, packaging, and filling. Our products free up manpower, allow greater throughput, and increase the number of prescriptions your pharmacy can process daily.

Using Central Fill, pharmacies can aggregate prescriptions from multiple locations and funnel them to a centrally located prescription fulfillment center. At that facility, prescriptions are assembled, verified, and delivered back to the pharmacy or mailed directly to the patient. The Central Fill market originated from the retail market and in the past 10 - 15 years, hospitals with inpatient pharmacies and long-term care facilities have been moving to a Central Fill model.

A Central Fill pharmacy has to have the volume and facility to be able to handle Central Fill automation. Hospitals often have networks with smaller pharmacies to pull volume together to make Central Fill viable, by distributing from one centrally located facility. Because of its flexibility, pharmacies can combine Central Fill and in-store automation to maximize efficiencies for all site locations.

The benefits of a Central Fill pharmacy are substantial, as you reduce system capital expense, footprint, labor costs and trim inventory, all while providing patient safety and accurate dispensing. When we design a Central Fill pharmacy, we integrate it with the patient in mind. Many Central Fill pharmacies dispense adherence pouch packaging, which provides a better program for the patient, and all prescriptions are detailed to help support at-home adherence. All of our modules can be combined to create a full turnkey solution or integrated into existing lines to improve performance and throughput.

How to identify the needs of a central fill pharmacy

Central Fill pharmacies are their own complete entity. Initially, a pharmacy would conduct a business analysis to determine if Central Fill is a viable solution for their needs. In order to accommodate Central Fill, a separate building centrally located between all of the facilities is generally required. If the pharmacy currently has a location, it may just need to be remodeled to handle central fill. TCGRx’s talented staff of pharmacy designers and engineers work with you to determine your needs, explore your automation options, evaluating pouch packaging or conveyors, how big a facility you may need or if utilizing an existing building. Our team of industry experts are with you every step of the process, and will take the time to learn your needs before progressing into the design phase.

1. The process begins with a consultation with the TCGRx sales team.

The TCGRx sales team will work with you to identify your pharmacy’s needs and your workflow aspects to help design a facility that accommodates the workflow you are seeking. They discuss with you a cost analysis to determine if Central Fill is right for you; looking at the cost of a facility, production, labor, products, and volume of prescriptions versus your current processes. If the savings has a payback timetable of two to three years, then it will likely be determined that Central Fill is a viable option.   

2. TCGRx workflow engineer is brought on to the project.

A certified TCGRx workflow engineer is brought on to the project. They will evaluate your current workflow situation and make recommendations. If you are in need of conveyor systems for your Central Fill pharmacy, our lead engineer will work with additional expert central fill resources to determine the best workflow solutions for the system.  

3. TCGRx will then provide you with a quote.

It is a quick process for TCGRx to identify your retail pharmacy needs. Depending on budget, your retail pharmacy can buy a piece of equipment now and another piece next year. You may see that things have improved in your workflow, but you may also find things that still need to be improved upon and TCGRx can reevaluate your retail pharmacy astime progresses. One of the best aspects of working with TCGRx is that everything is mobile and on wheels so it can be moved around if your design changes at a later date.

Parata has developed a comprehensive line of Central Fill solutions to simplify the processes of counting, packaging, and filling. Our products free up manpower and increase the number of prescriptions your pharmacy can process daily. Our Central Fill modules can be combined to create a full turnkey solution or inserted into existing lines to improve performance and throughput. Parata offers industry-leading technology that will optimize your pharmacy workflow and help your pharmacy function more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Solutions for your Central Fill Pharmacy

ATP® 2

Discover the newest product in the ATP Series, our industry-leading oral solid automated tablet packager. Engineered to provide better performance and reliability, the new ATP 2 facilitates both unit dose and multi-med packaging with simple-to-use software. It can accommodate 64 to 480 canister medications, and is the only system on the market that offers a total “closed loop” solution for dispensing both canister and non-formulary medications.

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InspectRx® gives pharmacies and patients the confidence of knowing every pouch dispensed is accurate. Facilities can track erroneous pouches and missing meds, back to the source. Identifying 12 physical characteristics ensures that correct medications are placed in the correct pouches. With three variable speeds, you can upgrade at any time with a simple software update without the need to purchase a new machine.

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Collector further enhances the InspectRx's capabilities by cutting, rolling, and taping medication strips by patient, drug, or med cabinet. With the Collector, your pharmacy moves much closer to a completely hands-free packaging system. The Collector is capable of handling smaller pouch strips for 14-day or less, but also larger 30-day strips. This unit can be purchased and installed along with InspectRx or you can add it to the system as your business demands it in the future.

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Working in tandem with ATP® 2 Series, SmartTrayRx facilitates accurate filling of non-canistered medications through a fully-interfaced application that directs the technician to fill the item using LED lights. This paperless system provides user tracking for every step of the process. Most importantly, patented technology allows your pharmacy to confidently label and fill every pouch accurately without costly rework.

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HDStock™ Cabinet

HDStock provides a well-organized storage system while incorporating high-density storage capacity, easy access, and clear visibility. No other system offers you more storage in the same space and configures to your pharmacy's individual needs. HDStock is available as cabinets, carousels, workspaces, and shelving.

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Beacon Inventory Management System


Beacon® Inventory Management System transforms your pharmacy into an efficient storage and pick center by using barcodes to ensure patient safety. Every script is filled from beginning to end with barcode scanning, reducing patient medication errors and your inventory carrying costs.

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BullsEye® Tablet Splitter


Automatically and precisely split pills in half with BullsEye Tablet Splitter. This revolutionary machine can split up to 16 pills per minute hands-free. This simple but sophisticated device will reduce labor and pill waste. Just as importantly, BullsEye cuts with incredible accuracy, which ensures that your patients get the right strength every time.

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