Designing Your Central Fill Pharmacy

TCGRx understands your need for a partnership when making a big decision for creating a Central Fill pharmacy. Our research and development is centered on innovation, and our workflow solutions include advanced features such as barcode-validation technology, barcode scanning, inventory control, and image verification of adherence packaging for accurate dispensing. We make your Central Fill needs our business, by conducting an individualized assessment of what you would need for and efficient workflow, and recommending a comprehensive automating and inventory management plan, based on your unique needs. TCGRx solutions can evolve as the needs of your pharmacy change, enabling you to achieve new initiatives while enhancing your financial position. Our lead engineer assesses your current workflow, script volume, staffing needs and what changes you need to implement, using automation. 

1. Site Visits

A TCGRx sales representative will meet with you to educate you on the high-level features and benefits of our Central Fill solutions. Our team will uncover your pain points and needs, while recommending the proper solutions. TCGRx will provide you with solutions to consider for future enhancements, as health care needs change, and your pharmacy continues to grow. You can visit a current customer site that utilizes our system, and visit our full working showroom in Wisconsin to see all of our solutions and meet the TCGRx team from executive level management to product managers and engineers who are knowledgeable about the Central Fill business model.

2. TCGRx Design Engineers

A team of TCGRx design engineers will be assigned to the project, and will develop a Central Fill layout that fits your space and needs. We analyze your current workflow, inventory, labor requirements and determine how to resolve any concerns and issues you may be facing. Our experts will design your layout and walk you through the new workflow to make sure the design will suit your needs.

Our lead engineer has over 15 years of market experience with Pharmacy Design, Optimization, Analytics, and Pharmacy Strategy. He has been part of the TCGRx engineering team for the past 6 years, and has visited over 500 pharmacies in all pharmacy markets across North America. Not only is he familiar with designing a space from a technical standpoint, he understands pharmacies – how they operate and function each and every day. He leads our team of design engineers and works with you to make sure our solutions are cost-effective and that your staff is also effectively utilized to its maximum potential.

3. Optimize Workflow

Our workstations and flexible equipment allow us to develop a completely new pharmacy or integrate our pieces into your current environment, allowing you to rearrange your space as your business grows.


Central Fill Design

Central Fill Implementation

Central Fill pharmacies require a completely different design and layout than other markets. The Central Fill design is on a much larger scale, due to the amount of space that is required to process a large volume of scripts per day. Our design engineer will work on designing the workflow to incorporate your existing equipment with our solutions, or strictly with TCGRx solutions. When a pharmacy is looking to start a Central Fill, we determine the number of prescriptions per shift that are currently being processed, and what the projected increase would be. 

TCGRx can build a Central Fill pharmacy equipped to handle volumes from 500 to 20,000 prescriptions per day. Our Central Fill design will streamline productivity, improve accuracy and reduce costs, while supplying medications quickly and accurately.