Designing Your Long-Term Care Pharmacy

TCGRx will take the time to learn your business model, and understand your current processes before we begin the design process. Our team of engineers uses advanced 3D software to create a rendering of your space, and continues to enhance it until you are satisfied. Our flexible equipment allows us to develop a completely new pharmacy or integrate our pieces into your current environment. All of our equipment is on wheels, so it is mobile, allowing you to arrange and rearrange your space as your needs change.

1. Site Visits and TCGRx Showroom

Our experienced sales representatives will meet with you to educate you on the features and benefits of our products. When you are ready to move forward, you can schedule a visit to our showroom in Wisconsin to see all of our solutions in person. We have product managers available to answer product-specific questions, software engineers to answer your questions regarding integration with your pharmacy information system, and marketing staff to help guide you and your staff on approaching facilities to gain more business. We also have customer site visits available near our home office to see locations that utilize our long-term care workflow solutions and get first-hand information about their processes, equipment, and partnership with TCGRx.

2. TCGRx Design Engineers

Once you have determined your pharmacy is ready for pharmacy automation, you will be paired with a team at TCGRx, including a workflow engineer, who will develop a layout that fits your space and needs. The team will analyze your current script volume, workflow, inventory, labor requirements, and the needs of your pharmacy, and determine how to resolve any concerns and issues you and your facilities may be facing. Our experts will design your new layout and walk you through the new workflow to make sure the design fits your needs.

Our head workflow engineer has over 15 years of market experience with pharmacy design, optimization, analytics, and pharmacy strategy. He has been part of the TCGRx team for the past 6 years, and has visited over 500 pharmacies in all pharmacy markets in North America including Long-Term Care. Not only is he familiar with designing a space from a technical drafting standpoint, he understands pharmacies – how they operate and function each and every day. He works with you to make sure our solutions are effectively utilized to its maximum potential. 

Sample Designs

Flexibility with Beacon®

To make the most of the space in your pharmacy, and to handle your long-term care pharmacy needs, our Beacon Inventory Management System is designed to maximize even the smallest of spaces. Beacon fits more bottles per square foot than any traditional fixture. In addition, all fixtures are mobile and modular; if you need to reconfigure your space again in the future, or if you move, the fixtures will fit the new design or layout.



Our workstations are designed for techs and pharmacists to handle all processing of the script filling cycle. The tabletops are deep enough to accommodate machines like our CompletePac machine, ideal for coordinating medication for Leave of Absences. Beacon is designed for first-in, first-out to reduce expired medication, and the workstations hold small and bulk bottles with speed shelves and utilize flat shelves for boxed medications and storage.

High Density Drawers

High-Density Drawers

With Beacon, stocking will become faster, the filling of prescriptions simplified, and auditing inventory will be easier. The high-density cabinets are customizable for small or large bottles, liquids, vials or storage, and fit the same amount of inventory in 11 square feet as 27 linear feet of traditional shelving.



Traditional carousels can be bulky, and extremely heavy. TCGRx Carousels are noticeably lighter, require no special wiring or floor reinforcement, and multiple technicians can pick medications simultaneously. Our carousels come in 2 sizes – 110mm & 180mm, and are designed for unit-of-use and unit dose picking.

High-Density Shelving

High-Density Shelving

TCGRx SH300 / SH500 high-density shelving helps make bulk items more visible. The Beacon storage shelves utilize flat or speed shelves, and the shelf height is configurable for small or large bottles, canisters, boxes, vials, IV bags, unit dose, unit-of-use, and liquids.