Nutraceutical Pharmacy Automation Solutions

As healthcare costs increase, consumers search for alternative ways to improve their health. The nutraceutical market provides health benefits, including treatment and prevention of illness. TCGRx has developed the industry’s most flexible and reliable solutions so you can continue delivering first rate customer service while also growing your business. With products such as ATP® 2, AutoSense™, SmartTrayRx™, BullsEye® and InspectRx®, we deliver tools and complete systems, allowing you to fill more orders with less space, labor and inventory. By making small adjustments to the software and/or hardware, TCGRx systems can address the diverse needs of your customers.

TCGRx has invested in packaging solutions so that you can deliver vitamins and supplements in customized packaging that makes it easy for customers to remember to take their medications. Our AdherePac™ solution offers a multi-med pouch that contains all of the customer’s medications for a given pass time. The pouches are automatically generated from our ATP® 2, automated pouch packager, through an interface with your current pharmacy information system.

How to identify the needs of your Nutraceutical pharmacy

No two pharmacies are the same. Each has its own unique needs and priorities. TCGRx has the most experienced team in the industry for pharmacy consulting and design. Our talented staff of pharmacy designers and engineers work with you to determine your needs and analyzes your space to define the appropriate products for your nutraceutical pharmacy. Our team of industry experts are with you through every step of the process, from the design stages to post-implementation. TCGRx will take the time to learn your individual pharmacy needs before delving into your design. Our equipment allows us to integrate our pieces into your current environment or develop a completely new pharmacy.

1. The process begins with a consultation with our sales team.

Our sales team works with you to identify your pharmacy’s needs and overall workflow. We will examine the number of scripts per day your pharmacy processes, your budget, space allocation, determine if you are looking for automation equipment or workstations, and finally, offer our suggestions for the best solutions to maximize your footprint. 

2. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, a TCGRx workflow engineer is brought on to the project.

If the sales team concludes that workflow adjustments are needed, a certified TCGRx workflow engineer will be engaged. We provide onsite evaluations to thoroughly review the project and determine the solutions that best fit your needs and space. The TCGRx engineer will go through the design with you and determine if any additional electrical outlets will be required, based on the new layout.

3. TCGRx will then provide you with a quote.

It is a quick process for TCGRx to identify your retail pharmacy needs. Depending on budget, your retail pharmacy can buy a piece of equipment now and another piece next year. You may see that things have improved in your workflow, but you may also find things that still need to be improved upon and TCGRx can reevaluate your retail pharmacy astime progresses. One of the best aspects of working with TCGRx is that everything is mobile and on wheels so it can be moved around if your design changes at a later date.

Parata has developed a comprehensive line of nutraceutical pharmacy solutions including ATP® 2 adherence packaging, BullsEye® tablet splitter, Beacon® inventory management and HDStock™ high-density storage systems. Like all of our solutions, your nutraceutical pharmacy can include new modules or integrated systems with your current pharmacy equipment.  Parata will design your pharmacy specific to your needs and budget. Parata offers some of the most innovative solutions with our ATP Series for adherence pouch packaging to provide better performance and reliability. Our medication adherence packaging is labeled with strength, instructions, and pass time, ensuring customers take their supplements as recommended.

Solutions for your Nutraceutical Pharmacy

ATP® 2

Discover the newest product in the ATP Series, our industry-leading oral solid automated tablet packager. Engineered to provide better performance and reliability, the new ATP 2 facilitates both unit dose and multi-med packaging with simple-to-use software. It can accommodate 64 to 480 canister medications, and is the only system on the market that offers a total “closed loop” solution for dispensing both canister and non-formulary medications.

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Working in tandem with ATP® 2 Series, SmartTrayRx facilitates accurate filling of non-canistered medications through a fully-interfaced application that directs the technician to fill the item using LED lights. This paperless system provides user tracking for every step of the process. Most importantly, patented technology allows your pharmacy to confidently label and fill every pouch accurately without costly rework.

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BullsEye® Tablet Splitter


Automatically and precisely split pills in half with BullsEye Tablet Splitter. This revolutionary machine can split up to 16 pills per minute hands-free. This simple but sophisticated device will reduce labor and pill waste. Just as importantly, BullsEye cuts with incredible accuracy, which ensures that your patients get the right strength every time.

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HDStock™ Cabinet

HDStock provides a well-organized storage system while incorporating high-density storage capacity, easy access, and clear visibility. No other system offers you more storage in the same space and configures to your pharmacy's individual needs. HDStock is available as cabinets, carousels, workspaces, and shelving.

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