Nutraceutical Pharmacy Installation and Training

The products that you have selected are ready to be installed and you completed the design of your new pharmacy workflow.


Begin Working With the TCGRx Implementations Team

You will work hand-in-hand with a TCGRx Project Manager who will ensure that your project stays on track with weekly meetings. A TCGRx Implementations Specialist will be your point of contact through the rest of the process all the way through the “Go-Live” phase, and be on-site with you when your pharmacy makes the transition.

Proper training and installation of automation equipment is critical to the long-term success of any pharmacy. TCGRx provides the dedicated expertise needed to ensure complete efficiency while minimizing disruption to your business during the transition.


Support After Equipment is Installed

TCGRx staff will remain on-site during your “Go-Live” phase, ensuring that should any questions arise, we are there to support you and walk you through the full transition.


TCGRx Offers Multi-Level Training

TCGRx offers various levels of training in your pharmacy or at our office, depending on the needs of your staff. We offer 24/7 user training with our web portal, Learning Management System (LMS), onsite train-the-trainer programs, and biomed training.


TCGRx Service Maintenance Agreements

We also offer a variety of service maintenance agreements to fit your needs from phone support to yearly preventative maintenance, to keep your equipment running at full capacity.

Nutraceutical Pharmacy Installation Process

Congratulations! Your pharmacy has just signed off on new TCGRx products and approved the workflow design. Now what happens?

1. A Project Manager will be assigned to your account

The project manager is with you every step of the process and is the liaison between the pharmacy and the TCGRx implementation team.  You will have multiple weekly calls with your team to discuss the timeline, when the products are scheduled to be delivered, and every step of the installation/transition process. The TCGRx project manager walks the pharmacy through the installation process to make sure that the pharmacy has contacted any contractors such as electricians, to address any special wiring requirements. TCGRx puts an emphasis on working around the pharmacy’s schedule, so there is minimal disruption to your operations.

2. Constant Communication Between TCGRx and Pharmacy

The pharmacist and pharmacy staff will know how many people will be on site to do the install and how many days it will take. They will also know who will be installing the products, any concerns that may arise during the process, and all of the logistics. One question that TCGRx always is asked is, “How long will someone be with the pharmacy as they make the transition?” The implementation team will be with you on-site through the installation of the new products, and will conduct training with you and your staff. TCGRx will be with you from the start of the project, to its completion.

3. ‘Go Live’ Phase

Once the ‘Go Live’ phase occurs, the TCGRx is still there to answer questions and help the pharmacy staff with anything that may occur as they begin working with the new equipment. The size of the project will determine the amount of time TCG remains on site to make your transition as smooth as possible.

4. Customer Service Support

TCGRx customer service and support is extremely important to us. We understand the importance of the timely support the pharmacy needs. A TCGRx support staff member is always accessible to the pharmacy during the warranty period to remotely walk you through anything you need, and if the issue needs to be escalated a tech team member will be quickly dispatched to the site to fix the problem you are experiencing.

Nutraceutical Pharmacy Training

Training is included as part of your purchase agreement with TCGRx. You begin virtual training with our Training Specialist via webinars and also through our unique Learning Management System (LMS), that is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is vital as you add new staff to train, or take refresher courses periodically.

1. On-Site Training During Installation

When our implementations team is on site during the installation, they will work with you and your staff to explain the new equipment and potential workflow changes, and extend the virtual training you have already received. You will have intensive training on the software, hardware, functions of reporting, stocking, filling scripts, and will-call. The Implementations Specialist will remain on site with you through the “Go-Live’ phase as the system is launched. Should you encounter any questions, they are by your side to guide you and your staff through those first critical days.

2. Biomed Training Available

TCGRx also offers bio-med training, where your pharmacy’s “super-users” come out to our facility and meet with a trainer and learn everything there is to know about your new equipment. Bio-med training certifies you to repair your own equipment without voiding any warranty or Service Maintenance Agreement. You will learn about software, hardware, problem diagnosis, how to order a new part, and handle any issues that arise. This will reduce the amount of time you are down, allowing you to diagnose and fix problems internally.

3. Continued Training

After our team has returned to TCG, and you are biomed certified, you can extend your training to learn advanced reporting, take refresher courses or even train new employees via the online Learning Management System. All of the training comes with printable documentation for you to keep in your pharmacy for reference to guarantee success.