Retail Pharmacy Automation Solutions

Parata has developed a comprehensive line of retail pharmacy solutions that include adherence packaging (AdherePac™), automated tablet packaging, pharmacy fixtures, high-density storage, will-call management, and inventory management. The highlight of Parata systems is the integration we provide with your existing pharmacy systems that is tailored to your needs and budget. Our solutions can be scaled from simple tabletop packaging technology to enterprise-level perpetual inventory management. We provide the tools and strategies to make your pharmacy more efficient and reliable. Parata pharmacy automation equipment will help you prevent medication filling errors, and increase pharmacy staff efficiency.

The benefits of automated pharmacy systems are substantial, as your pharmacy can automate the pill dispensing process to affordably stay competitive and provide benefits to the patients. Parata has the most experienced team in the industry for pharmacy consulting and design. The staff at Parata works with you to determine your needs and analyzes your space to define the appropriate products for your pharmacy.


How to identify the needs of your retail pharmacy

The talented staff of pharmacy designers and engineers at Parata work with you to determine your needs to analyze your space and define the appropriate products for your retail pharmacy. Our team of industry experts is with you every step of the process, from pre- to post-implementation process. Parata will take the time to learn your individual pharmacy needs, before delving into your design. Our flexible equipment allows us to develop a completely new pharmacy or integrate our pieces into your current environment.

1. The process begins with a consultation with our sales team.

Our sales team will work with you to identify your pharmacy’s needs and overall workflow. They discuss with you the number of scripts per day your pharmacy manages, your budget, space allocation, whether you are looking for automation equipment or workstations, and the best solution to maximize your footprint.


2. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, a Parata workflow engineer is brought on to the project.  

If workflow adjustments are needed, a certified Parata workflow engineer is brought on to the project. We can provide onsite evaluations to thoroughly review the project, and determine the solutions that best fit your space. The engineer will go through the design with you and determine if any additional electrical will be required based on the new floor plan.


3. Parata will then provide you with a quote.

It is a quick process for Parata to identify your retail pharmacy needs. Depending on budget, your retail pharmacy can buy a piece of equipment now and another piece next year. You may see that things have improved in your workflow, but you may also find things that still need to be improved upon and Parata can reevaluate your retail pharmacy as time progresses. One of the best aspects of working with Parata is that everything is mobile and on wheels, so it can be moved around if your design changes at a later date.