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Learn about how to work with inpatient environments as well as outpatient and employee pharmacies We will walk you through our Beacon® inventory management system and high-speed packaging unit, ATP® Series. We'll help you with readmission rates, building an effective outpatient pharmacy, and how we can build a cost-effective, scalable pharmacy for your anticipated volume.

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See how partnering with TCGRx, through our comprehensive line of retail pharmacy market solutions, can help your pharmacy workflow. From pharmacy fixtures, adherence packaging (AdherePac™), automation, will-call management, and inventory management we will show your pharmacy how it can use modules or integrated systems depending on needs and budget. Learn how our experienced staff of pharmacy design engineers can work within your confines to provide optimal solutions to your pharmaceutical needs.

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Long-Term Care

Improving long-term care pharmacies is a focus we take seriously at TCGRx. Our long-term care videos are designed to provide you with the industry's most flexible and reliable solutions on the market so that you can continue delivering first rate patient outcomes while also growing your business. Learn how products like ATP® Series, InspectRx™, Beacon®, and others can deliver tools or complete systems to allow you to fill more prescriptions with less space, labor, and inventory.  

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See why our outpatient hospital outcomes benefit patients, hospital employees, and medical staff. TCGRx has workflow solutions to make this process easy and organized. We'll help you build and maintain a pharmacy based on convenience and solutions designed for inventory management to save time and space. TCGRx can also show you how to add adherence packaging and expand MTM and ACO initiatives with our AdherePac™ pouch adherence system.

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Central Fill

Learn more about our dedicated development of unique, robust, and cost effective products for the high-volume pharmacy and other markets. Our CentralRx™ products and services improve accuracy, increase productivity, and reduce costs in a central fill pharmacy setting. Supplying medications quickly and safely, TCGRx is committed to improving central fill pharmacies that equipped to produce anywhere from 500 to 20,000 prescriptions per day.

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Our informative videos on the nutraceutical pharmacy market provide industry best information to help increase efficiency for your automated pharmacy workflow. Our ATP® Series can package these products in either standardized or customized formulas for quick and easy access by consumers. TCGRx has also invested in packaging solutions so that your pharmacy can deliver the vitamins in customized packaging that makes it easy to dispense and maintain.

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