Retail Videos

Targeted toward the retail and hospital outpatient market, our commercial was designed to educate patients about the benefits of AdherePac.

The ATP® 2 is the latest innovation from TCGRx. The ATP 2 has once again leaped ahead of all the others in reliability, longevity, and features to drive efficiency and growth for our pharmacy partners.

InspectRx® gives patients the confidence of knowing their pouches are accurate. Facilities can track erroneous pouches and missing meds back to the source. Identifying 12 physical characteristics ensures that correct medications are placed in the correct pouches. Pharmacies capture images of their medication inventory so that all imagery is compared in the same setting.

Retail pharmacies can benefit from TCGRx solutions. TCGRx offers solutions for vial filling, medication adherence packaging, refrigeration, will-call management, inventory management and high-density storage. TCG understands that retail pharmacies often lack space, and our workflow designers are here to help you plan your space, improve labor efficiency, fill scripts faster, reduce your on-hand inventory and increase your profits.

Learn more about how TCGRx has created an easier way to assist your pharmacy with managing your inventory. Beacon® is customizable and helps you keep your pharmacy safe and efficient.